Labels and Stereotypes

Today started with a lot of emotions, light and hard ones. The participants played LABEL game. Then they discussed how labels and stereotypes effect on the life of refugees, migrants, IDPs and ethnic minorities in the society.

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Learning through stepping out of comfort zone

On the second day of the training 21 participants from Ukraine, Armenia, Turkey, Germany, France, Georgia and Hungary started working on getting deeper into terms of migration. Who would ever think that learning theoretical stuff can be both interactive and informative? We proved that it is possible when using non-formal education methodology. Creating a still picture, simplifying terms, drawing posters and performing short plays can be the best way to make clear for ourselves that those terms are not as complicated or confusing as they may seem. Working in groups with people with different backgrounds make us think out of box and get to know other cultures better. Discussing in groups effects of migration, factors that attract people to come to an area or vise versa push them to leave their countries of residence, reasons and forms of migration engaged everyone into a thought-provoking environment and motivated to reflect on these issues in our own countries.

img_2445The second part of the day started with an exercise called “Comfort Zone”. It was a type of meditation: the trainers put blankets on the floor, lighted candles. We got comfortable and had to imagine ourselves into relaxing situations. It was a few intimate minutes that everyone spent in their own comfort zone. After that some of us shared their experiences, what kind of smells they smelled, where they were, whom they were with. After this activity we started to prepare to our evening program within the reflection groups: the task was to create a play with each nationalities’ fairytales. So in my team we put some Armenian (հաց), French (Belgian… Asterix and Obelix), Ukrainian (The Golden Fish), Turkish (Snake Queen) and Hungarian (Stone Soup) characters, stories together and put them into a play.



During the half our reflection time we summarized the day’s events, our feelings and expectations about it. After dinner we were rehearsing and prepared costumes. The evening program started with each group’s performance of their play: each play was very unique and different, there were even a puppet show. Some of them were funnier, some of them were more dramatic. The message was similar: help the people in need, spreading friendliness and kindness and making common efforts. The closure of our day was perfect: an intercultural party sharing national drinks, food and dances, having awesome conversations.

-Daria Batalova and Emese Nemeth

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Simulating Migration

Today group simulated migration process. Part of the group has been playing a role of the refugee, and another one- border officers. There were two rounds and they could experience both of the roles. It has been quite sensitive process in some moments.

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Intercultural Fairy Tale Evening

For the intercultural evening the trainers decided not to ask participants to do classical, sometimes boring approach, but they asked them to conduct a sketch that would be a mixture of fairy tales from different countries.
The evening has been overfilled with fun!

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Migration Performances

For the second day the seminar got already into the topic of migration. The participants have discussed different terms and aspects that is connected with the topic. Afterword they made performances on those themes, where participants could realize their artistic skills.

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Working on Terms

The group has started to work on the topic of migration. Right now they are working on defining key terms related with the topic into small groups.

Seems to be a fruitful day 🙂

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We Have Started!

This morning, in Dilijan, Armenia, we started training course “Youth Empowerment for Inclusion – Change Making by Capacity Development”. So far, the mood is great in the group, and the weather also supports us. img_2184

But before that, yesterday, we have had evening with informal activities, with nice Armenian snacks and wine and other drinks.


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