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Day 8: closing

The last day was for everyone already nostalgic about the past week that we all spent together. It was also another day to exchange on the experience we lived, get everything back together on what we learnt, think about how … Continue reading

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Project Planning/Fundraising (Day 4, Misaktsieli, Georgia)

On the forth day of the training course “Youth Empowerment for Inclusion”, which is currently taking place in the village of Misaktsieli in Georgia, the participants had all the tools needed to dig deeper into the planning process, as beforehand … Continue reading

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NGO fair,Harvest Festival and Traditional Dinner (5th Day)

Day 5 In framework of the »youth empowerment for inclusion and capacity building» 5th day. For some people it was hard to get up, because at the night we celebrated Anne’s birthday. After breakfast we had energizers, called “who, haa , hee ” to get more energy . After we got the schedule and program from the nice trainers, who quickly did a wrap-up of the previous day evaluation. When the evaluation was done, the presentation of workshops started. The instruction and question have been given in previous day. It included tasks about inclusion and questions were created by participants, who had to divide into groups and went on to work on one question each, which was selected directly by the groups. The  presentations tried to answer … Continue reading

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Studying Cases

Today we are discussing different cases related with work with refugees. One of the cases was a successful approach of employing refuges in Uganda. Before we have watched a video from TED, where Anne is talking about successful  campaign in … Continue reading

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NGO Fair

Right now participants are sharing information about the work their organizations are doing with refugees, IDPs and ethnic minorities.

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Long Day of 23rd

On the morning of day 4 the group started with an interesting and for some parts confusing game. The participants got labels with printed adjectives attached to their foreheads and they should start guessing which adjective applied to them. Other … Continue reading

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Mental constructions, balance of power and sharing experiences

The day was divided into two parts. The objective was to have a better understanding of the realities resulting from the migration processes. During the first activity, the aim was to have an insight of the mental construction of the balance of … Continue reading

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