Day 8: closing

The last day was for everyone already nostalgic about the past week that we all spent together. It was also another day to exchange on the experience we lived, get everything back together on what we learnt, think about how to use our new knowledge and of course, have last laughs.

The session, which was divided in 3 parts, finished earlier this day, to leave some space for packing. This last day also showed us how to close a training.
1) It started by  a discussion about the exercices of the previous day where each group of 2/4 persons had to prepare and lead one hour session
2) Restitution of the week
3) Evaluation time.

1) About yesterday?

4 questions were asked to the participants about the exercices of the previous day:
– How did you feel?
– What was your biggest challenge?
– What would you do differently?
– What di you learn?
First individually for 5 minutes and then in small groups of 3/4 people for 10 minutes, the participants had to discuss about their feelings and make a sum up. After, each group had to present their main feelings or conclusions. We discovered that we all lived the experience in a very different way though some issues we had were common to most of us (communication for example).

2) Conclusions

Trainers and participants went through the colourful programme that was established for the session and summed up the highlights of the week, day by day.

The participants went back to their expectations sheets (done on Day 2) and tried to determine how happy they were about their learning experience of the week by putting a smiley next to each objective   🙂  :/  😦

The trainers showed us an evaluation tool: The Learning 2 Learn
                  What?                   What would I like to learn, in what field to I need to get skills?
             /                  \
When?       <–       How?   How
will I learn (the means -a training, a course, reading,…)?  
(my objective in time -1 week/ 3 months/ 5 years/…?)

Each participant had to individually fill the triangle.

3) Evaluation

Online evaluation forms had to be filled.


Thanks and goodbyes!!


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