Project Planning/Fundraising (Day 4, Misaktsieli, Georgia)

On the forth day of the training course “Youth Empowerment for Inclusion”, which is currently taking place in the village of Misaktsieli in Georgia, the participants had all the tools needed to dig deeper into the planning process, as beforehand  each and every group identified their core problem, root causes, reliazed who their actors are and improved the understanding of the impact chain. During the first two sessions country groups worked on their impact chains by separating impact, outcome and output, activities and resources. After a two-hour lunch break everyone was ready to get back to work and keep polishing their ideas.

At the third session the method of Self, Us & Now was introduced, which main goal is to address the problem to the audience through personal experience and audience’s involvement in it. Trainees listened to a powerful speech on gender equality given by Emma Watson at UN and saw how to use the method in practice. Afterwards, every group presented their ideas by applying this approach and sent a powerful message to everyone in the room.  A set of touchy and inspiring speeches  was followed by the session on Fundraising. During this 1-hour session all the participants had a chance to come up with questions that they find important in terms of raising funds for their projects. As all the participants dealt with fundraising in their work experience, everyone was able to contribute to the discussion and share their knowledge. The delegate from France, Jonathan Machler, gave an informative short speech on the importance of crowdfunding and shared his tips.

The day ended with an entertaining Cultural Event conducted by the Hungarian delegation, where all the delegates participated in the contests where they could show up their knowledge regarding different holidays and win prizes. The forth day turned out to be both fun and productive.

Text: Daria Batalova

Photos: Yuliia Nedzelskaya

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