Long Day of 23rd

On the morning of day 4 the group started with an interesting and for some parts confusing game. The participants got labels with printed adjectives attached to their foreheads and they should start guessing which adjective applied to them. Other participants were asked to treat the people according to the adjectives on their heads, which was sometimes confusing for the person, but emotional and funny, as well.

Picture label
As some participants got emotional, as they were for example treated according to the term „lazy“ or „rejected“ their was a short reflection time added and emotions could cool down and people could share their feelings.

After another energetic energizer groups of 5 were formed which worked on the collection of prejudices against minorities, IDPs and refugees.

It was interesting to learn about different perceptions in the countries towards the same topics and subjects. As some groups had a heated discussion about the topic, the other participants formed a circle and started to give each other a massage to waste no time and relax a little bit, while the solution finding still went on.

Picture massage
As it was not completely clear for all participants, the expressions „label“ and „stereotype“ were shortly explained and made even more clear.

The question, if it is a never ending game also occurred. In general labels find themselves more in the individual perception, whereas stereotypes are often found within whole groups of society.

The next activity the group took was to find some characteristics that they identify themselves with. Later in small groups to discuss the experience of trying to find out their own identity and how did it feel.

It was very interesting for everyone to mix their characteristics in a box and later try to convince one another what did they choose and why.

But the most important part of the activity was the acknowledgement, whether the characteristics that they identify with were helpful in the work with migrants, refugees and minorities.


The next activity the group took is called „carousel“. There were some interesting statements read out loud, which might have been argued, or agreed. Participants discussed and made conclusions in changing pairs.

Socrates Service
There was another challenging activity for participants, they had to form questions, very relevant ones about the statements that had been read.. Afterwards they chose one question and started to think about the answers and also prepared presentations of their conclusions.


Evening in Dilijan
For some participants evening continued quite actively, since there was an exciting gathering in one of the central cafes of Dilijan. The evening was accompanied by interesting and informative discussions about different cultures. The subject of minorities, migrants and refugees continued to be discussed during breaks, dinner and evening.

Why did only the one part of the group go to cafe?
Well, since the other ones had a very important thing to do. They stayed to arrange a beautiful surprise.  One of the most talented participants, Anne was going to have a birthday the next day and everyone agreed to throw a nice birthday party right after midnight.

The atmosphere was wonderful, participants prepared a special dance for Anne and also learned a birthday song in German, to sing to her in her own language.

After a long and exhausting day, which was full of information, emotions and surprises, we can say that the 4th day of the project was a successful one.

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